The Young Podawans Ep. 23 – Geek 101: Conventions!

We’re back with another Geek 101 episode and this time we’re talking about conventions! What kind of conventions are there? Which ones should you attend? What to do while you’re there? We answer ALL THE QUESTIONS. Plus Brian complains about Suicide Squad a bunch and Kristin has wine from the Seventh Circle of Hell!

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The Young Podawans Ep. 17 – Nebula Short Stories & Award Rantings

We’re baaaaaaaack! This week we’re talking about the Nebula Award short stories! It’s a very diverse and eclectic selection, but the one thing the all have in common is they’re all really great! Plus we wade into the Hugo Awards controversy and discuss inclusivity and acceptance in the SFF community. And two bleeped out F-Bombs! Living on the edge, dear listeners!

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The Young Podawans Ep. 15 – Neon Genesis Evangelion, Part Two

This week – it’s Part Two of our Neon Genesis Evangelion discussion! This time we’ll go in-depth on the last two episodes of the TV series and the End of Evangelion film. We discuss our own interpretations of the ending and talk more about the way Misato (our fav!) is treated in the climax. Plus that badass Rogue One trailer, diversity in wrestling, an almost joke about psychopathy and all the giggling geekery you’ve come to expect from the Young Podawans!

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