Who Are The Young Podawans?

Kristin headshot 2
Kristin McFarland has a Master of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, which launched her on a short-lived but very exciting career as a newspaper reporter. After graduate school, she worked for five different newspapers around the country, writing about politics, crime, arts, environmental issues, crack addicts, prostitutes, and parades. She eventually wised up and decided that making up political fights and crime scenes would be a lot more fun than reporting on real ones. Today, she lives in southern Indiana, where she spends most of her time daydreaming about fictional lives, playing video games, and/or thinking about wool.
 Brian Selfie
Brian O’Conor is a Speculative Fiction writer and a geek of many stripes. SFF books, Superhero movies, all sorts of comic books, Magic cards – basically if it has dragons or spaceships in it, he’s into it. So into geeky stuff he apparently needs a podcast to talk about it! He will be loyal physical books over ebooks until the day he dies. Brian lives with his wife Kim, Penny the Dog, and Banks the Cat in the sprawling farm country of upstate New York.

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