The Young Podawans Ep. 50 – Harry Potter & Dark Tower Challenge Part 1: Fifty Shades of Blaine

50 episodes!

50 h*cking episodes!

We did it y’all and we couldn’t do without all of you. So to celebrate our 50th episode we have a gift for you dear listeners – two lucky commenters on this post will win either The Tales of Beedle the Bard or Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, plus a super sweet Young Podawans bookmark!





Segment 1: What Are We Geeking Out About? (4:58)

Every week in the opening segment we discuss what we’re currently geeking out about! This week Kristin is geeking out about release of THE STONE SKY and new Hugo for N. K. Jemisin (with bonus who’s won the most Hugos in a row?) and Brian is geeking out about NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III (with bonus WHO CAN DEFEAT ASUKA?).

Segment 2: What Are We Drinking About This Week? (12:43)

Another regular segment where we discuss – you guessed it – what we’re drinking. This week Kristin and Brian are both drinking Homemade Butterbeer!

Segment 3: HP & DT Discussion (20:54)

  • Brian really enjoyed the Philosopher’s Stone – thought the world-building was very strong and creative from the start. The slow discovery of the Wizarding World was very well done. The prologue setting up the Potter murder & Voldemort was perfect.
  • Brian finally knows what the Sorting Hat and didn’t appreciate the Hufflepuff burns.
  • Brian didn’t really like the reveal of Voldemort at the end of Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Brian felt Chamber of Secrets was a bit of a rehash, hitting a lot of the same notes as Sorcerer’s Stone – secret thing hidden somewhere, monster guarding the thing, the stuff with the Dursleys in the beginning again.
  • Buuut loved the reveal of Tom Riddle & his backstory (which he thought was much later in the movies) saved it.
  • Also enjoyed the set up of tension between Muggle & Wizard class warfare with the intro of Mr. Malfoy & the interactions with him and Ron’s dad.
  • Doddy is free.
  • Kristin wasn’t so sure about the literary tone of The Gunslinger, but I ended up really liking it, particularly the stories within stories aspect. Interesting meld of western and SFF/fantasy. The SFF is becoming more apparent as we go on, and it’s interesting.
  • Kristin liked Jake’s character – he was almost too good for the world.
  • The Drawing of the Three felt less internally consistent to her–Eddie’s sections were more straight-up thriller, while O/detta’s were more literary again. The Waste Lands did a good job melding the three styles.
  • Kristin wasn’t sure how I felt about her as O/detta. But, as the melded Susannah, she really like her. Frustrated by the demon pregnancy thing.
  • She wasn’t sure about Eddie and Susannah being in love. Eddie basically loves Odetta on sight, but later it’s described why they love each other.
  • Brian thought Azkaban was awesome. Felt more mature than the first 2 – greater depth of emotion and character for especially the kids & Snape. The plot was much different than the first two.
  • Snape is way more emotional & vindictive than the movies, but that might have to do with Alan Rickman’s performance. He might be Brian’s favorite character, and probably the most layered.
  • Knew Black wasn’t really a bad guy, but could remember any of the details so that was a great reveal. Scabbers being Peter Pettigrew was super creepy.
  • Brian thought the Time Turner device was a little out of nowhere to her Black escape, but it was a very Hermione-y thing to do though.
  • Brian liked how the tone of the books matures with the characters and mostly likely many of the readers.
  • Brian REALLY disliked the Quidditch chapters.
  • Kristin liked The Waste Lands best because she enjoyed the Jake plot, and seeing the ka-tet interacting.
  • She didn’t love having antagonists added in the third act, and so I was more annoyed by Gasher and Tick-Tock than she was afraid of them.
  • Eddie – ended up liking him more than expected. Proto-Jesse Pinkman? Is he too much of an author stand-in?
  • Jake – King did a really good job of making Jake lovable right off the bat. He’s a sweet kid, brave without being unrealistic. He felt a little too Holden Caulfield/Teddy/general-Salinger for her in Waste Lands, but once he gets back to Mid-World it’s better.
  • Blaine – chaotic neutral or evil? Built to serve humans, and ended up having to serve them by acting as a god when they wanted a god.
  • Walter/Marten – really confused as to whether or not they are the same person, partly because of King’s intros.
  • THE DARK TOWER – we still don’t know exactly why Roland’s on a quest for it. We’ve been told that corruption at the heart of the tower is causing the breakdown of the world, but we have no idea what Roland can do at the Tower to stop that.
  • Would either of have bailed from our respective series if not for the Challenge?

Segment 3: Outro, Contact Info & Outtakes! (73:59)

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