The Young Podawans Ep. 16 – Spinnin’, Wrasslin’ and Glaciers of Men

This week – we were both super busy this past weekend, so we recorded some random stuff! Game of Thrones hating, glistening man pecs, New York’s archaic liquor laws, the Menfolk of Spinning, a wrestler named Asuka. THIS EPISODE HAS IT ALL (except an actual topic and coherent thread of thought, but whatever. It’s fun! You’ll love it!)

Segment 1: What Are We Geeking Out About? (1:21)

Every week in the opening segment we discuss what we’re currently geeking out about! This week Kristin is geeking about the Outlander Premiere  (with bonus are we going to be spoiled by Game of Thrones S6 and do we still care?), and Brian is geeking out about the iZombie Finale (with bonus book excitement and lamentations). 

Segment 2: What Are We Drinking This Week? (20:38)

Another regular segment where we discuss – you guessed it – what we’re drinking. Kristin’s drinking Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout and Brian’s drinking Le Trou Du Diable Albert 3 – The Space Monkey Pilsner!

Segment 3: Spinnin’, Wrasslin’ & Other Random Stuffin’ Discussion (29:48)

  • Brian get schooled on knitting vs spinning.
  • Also the geography of Kansas City.
  • The Menfolk of Spinning.
  • More Wrasslin’ Talk!
  • Asuka! Asuka! Asuka!
  • Women’s Soccer, yay! Brian Googling on live recording, boo!
  • We convince ourselves our rambles are charming and not that long.
  • Brian takes up the mantle of Social Justice Wrasslin Fan.

Segment 4: Outro, Contact Info & Outtakes! (44:00)

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