The Young Podawans Episode 11 – Who Are The Young Podawans?

Behold: The Secret Origin of The Young Podawans!

This week it’s all about us! Who we are! Where we came from! What we’re writing! All the things we love that have been referenced ad nauseam on this podcast already!

And syrup!

Segment 1: What Are You Geeking Out About? (1:30)

Every week in the opening segment we discuss what we’re currently geeking out about! This week Kristin is geeking about Attack on Titan (with bonus DUDE BRO ANIME!), and Brian is geeking out about Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek (with bonus Kristin Family Star Trek story!).

Segment 2: What Are We Drinking Today? (14:10)

Another regular segment where we discuss – you guessed it – what we’re drinking. Kristin’s drinking V. Sattui Madeira and Brian’s drinking Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat!


Segment 3: Who We Are Discussion (21:50)

  • How we met (Maybe? There are conflicting accounts!)
  • We played MAGETECH!
  • Podcasting – the Geek version of starting a band.
  • School! Jobs! Family!
  • Weird Pet Stories!
  • A pretty in depth discussion about the state of the newspaper business!
  • Brian learns about Chemistry Start-ups.
  • How we started writing books!
  • Bad books! So many queries! Agents! Other Agents! Oh my!
  • Musings on Publishing AKA Do the Damn Work.
  • What we’re working on now!
  • Kristin’s going to write a cool new Scifi Military/Natural Disaster/Kidnapping Book!
  • Brian’s working on a Supervillain Academy book!
  • Laughing awkwardly at our own mortality.

Segment 4: Outro, Contact Info & Outtakes! (98:04)

Additions to the LISTS:
Everything on the Favorites lists.

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