The Young Podawans Ep. 9 – Promise & Price of Power w/ Cait Spivey

This week we’re joined by author Cait Spivey to discuss her new book FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN and the role of power dynamics and politics in this and other stories. An episode so nice, we had to record part of it twice!

Segment 1: What Are You Geeking Out About? (1:51)

Every week in the opening segment we discuss what we’re currently geeking out about! This week Kristin is geeking about THE X-FILES REVIVAL (with bonus with bonus very loud freight train appearance), Cait is geeking out about GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY (with bonus villainous terror of GARM and SCORN) and Brian is geeking out about MAKING A MURDERER (with bonus THE TRAIN RETURNS ONCE MORE).

Segment 2: What Are We Drinking Today? (21:23)

Another regular segment where we discuss – you guessed it – what we’re drinking. Cait is drinking Talisker Distiller’s Edition, Kristin’s drinking Diet Dr Pepper (thrilling) and Brian’s drinking Black Hog Brewing’s Ginga Ninja!

Segment 3: Power Discussion (32:14)

  • Talk about Cait’s book and her process writing it.
  • The role power plays in FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.
  • About how a human character became the MC in story with such powerful people.
  • Changing of power roles in the novel.
  • More books coming in the future?
  • What was it like working on a project like this for so many years?
  • Distilling a story down to what you need. YEAH BETA READERS
  • Interpersonal power conflicts vs global power conflicts.
  • Comparisons to ACACIA by David Anthony Durham.
  • The ways in which power corrupts – THE LONG PRICE QUARTET.
  • Easier to use power for evil than good.
  • Powerful ambivalence can be just as damaging as evil.
  • Kylo Ren’s embrace of Dark Side power- STAR WARS SPOILERS, but c’mon it’s been a month already
  • We get a little bit off track with the Star Wars talk…
  • Power in superhero comics.
  • The fluidity of power and how it the use of power can change in an instant.  

Segment 4: Outro, Contact Info & Outtakes! (87:04)

Additions to the LISTS:


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