The Young Podawans Ep. 7 – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens w/ Preeti Chhibber

This week we’re joined by the super fantastic Preeti Chhibber to discuss Star Wars Episode VII! There will be huge SPOILERS for the movie during the show and in the show notes, so if you haven’t seen it yet – FLEE BUT RETURN TO SQUEE WITH US LATER!

Segment 1: What Are You Geeking Out About? (01:23)

Every week in the opening segment we discuss what we’re currently geeking out about! This week Kristin’s geeking about the trailer for Season 2 of OUTLANDER (with bonus chest-glistening and bodice-ripping discussion), Preeti’s geeking out about HAMILTON (with bonus how the Internet is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with this show discussion) and Brian’s geeking out about NXT TAKEOVER: LONDON (with bonus wrestler slash fiction discussion).

Segment 2: What Are We Drinking Today? (16:02)

Another regular segment where we discuss – you guessed it – what we’re drinking. Brian’s drinking Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, Kristin’s drinking New Holland Brewing Cabin Fever Brown Ale and Preeti’s drinking Homemade Chai!

Segment 3: Force Awakens Discussion (21:10)

  • Where we saw the movie & the avoiding spoilers AKA people who drop random spoilers in public are THE WORST PEOPLE.
  • How much we loved the movie and what it had that the Prequels lacked.
  • REY REY REY REY REY We talk about great Rey is!
  • Let’s all be super best friends and go on adventures!
  • The Finn / Poe / BB-8 bromance is the greatest.
  • The misdirection in the trailers and TV spots AKA whose kid is who?
  • Kylo Ren discussion and how freaking great Adam Driver was.
  • The Han / Ren scene and the aftermath.
  • Parallels and divergence between Rey and Ren.
  • Dismantling the Rey = Mary Sue nonsense.
  • We talk about the Star Wars comics & how they fill in the movie gaps.
  • Swooning over Oscar Issac (as you do).
  • Captain Phasma – WTF?
  • Can we get a happy ending? Can Kylo Ren be redeemed?
  • The final fight scene compared to the OT & PT fights.
  • So what exactly is Rey’s lineage?
  • The ending and how amazing Luke looked.
  • Snoke? How about Nope?
  • Cameos!
  • Why wasn’t Lupita Nyong’o actually in this instead of CGI Maz?
  • The humor in this vs the previous movies (no Dad Jokes).
  • JJ Abrams’ style on display and what the next films will feel like.
  • One last dig at Leering Creepy Anakin.
  • Preeti regales with tales of the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Segment 4: Outro, Contact Info & Outtakes! (87:46)

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